How to save our nails during a pandemic

How to save our nails during a pandemic


Sadly this topic is timely again :( I made a little video, how you can save your nails without destroying your natural nails and what you can do if you feel them long.

  1. for everyone: File the end of your nails. Only the end.
  2. for experienced: Cut it with a clipper. When you cut it, it can crack in a line, so better to go further from the fingertips. Once from one side, once from the other side. If it doesn't crack, repeat, until it cracks.

Sometimes they fly. It means, when you cut it, it cracks suddenly and fly away. Protect your eyes.

When you are done with cutting, file the sharp edges.

The nails can be thick. No worries, they will grow down.

In 6-8 weeks they peel by themselves without damaging your natural nailplate. NEVER peel them off with force as that would damage your natural nails!

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