Collection: Mystic Nails Fill&Form Acrygel

Acrygel or polygel, represent an innovative gel product designed to cure under UV light to give you amazing polygel nails. This unique formula shares similarities with acrylic in terms of consistency, offering a blend of the best features from both mediums. Unlike builder gel, polygel won't shift or flood during application, providing stability throughout the process. Moreover, it doesn't set by air, affording nail technicians the luxury of time without the need to rush, unlike with acrylic.

To manipulate polygel effectively, one requires a brush saturated with slip solution or alcohol. This allows for seamless manipulation, granting the flexibility to work with the product for extended periods without premature curing. Remarkably, you can even work on all five fingers consecutively without curing in between, as polygel possesses the unique characteristic of remaining stationary until exposed to UV light.