Collection: Builder in a bottle

Builder in a Bottle, commonly abbreviated as BIAB, is renowned for its robustness, endurance, and adaptability, rendering it a top pick among nail technicians and DIY enthusiasts alike. Builder gel in a bottle, or BIAB nails, are favored for their ability to fashion sculpted nails that exude a natural appearance while maintaining resilience against chipping or peeling for weeks on end.

BIAB nails boast a diverse array of nude, milky neutral, and pastel hues, offering a sophisticated and understated aesthetic. Nevertheless, they serve as an ideal canvas for embellishment with any gel polish or trendy nail art, elevating the elegance of your hands or your clients' hands to new heights.

The application process involves the meticulous layering of the product in thin coats, with each coat being cured under UV or LED light. This method allows for precise shaping and filing to achieve the desired length and contour of the nails, ensuring a flawless finish every time.