Collection: Mystic Nails Quick Ombre Spray

Attention all ombre nail enthusiasts! If you're passionate about ombre nail designs, get ready to fall head over heels for Quick Ombre Spray. This revolutionary spray bottle boasts a patent-pending design, tailor-made for effortlessly applying fine-grained powders to achieve stunning ombre effects in mere seconds.

Inside, you'll find 5g of exquisite porcelain powder, perfect for crafting your dream ombre for nails. Simply select your preferred hue, whether it's for pink ombre nails or any other shade, and spritz it onto your nails from a distance of 6-8 cm. Then, proceed with building your nails in the customary manner. It's the ultimate solution for effortlessly creating mesmerizing ombre nail designs with unparalleled ease.

Here's a pro tip: When the bottle eventually runs out, don't bid it farewell just yet! Instead, refill it with your favorite acrylic powder, ensuring not to exceed the 5-gram limit. With Quick Ombre Spray, achieving flawless ombre nails has never been simpler or more enjoyable!