What is 3D plasticine gel?

What is 3D plasticine gel?

3D nail art modelling has just become child’s play!

Do you remember the 3D flowers and other nail art created with acrylic powder? Do you also remember the struggle when the acrylic would set up before reaching the desired result?

Now you can create the same special 3D designs but with these new plasticine gels! You also know them as modelling gel or plastiline gel. These only cure under UV light so you have all the time you need to form the gel and create the design you want. You can use a brush, silicone brush or any other tool dipped in alcohol and manipulate the gel the same way you would do with polygel. It’s basically the same as playing with play dough.

The Mystic Nails Plasticine Gels adhere to matte and glossy surfaces as well. They are also non-wipe so you add them to the finished nails and they are going to be matte after curing. It’s going to cure even if you apply it in a thick layer, so the options are endless when it comes to forming these gels. You can also mix the colours!

Try them for yourself and make sure to tag the @atlanticnailartstudio when you post your amazing 3D nail art creations!

Mystic Nails 3D Plasticine Gel


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