What is BIAB and what are the benefits?

What is BIAB and what are the benefits?

We have been hearing the phrase BIAB or builder-in-a-bottle in the nail community, but what is it exactly and why is it different from normal builder gel or acrylic?

First, look at the trend that is BIAB nails themselves. It’s like a no-make up make up look but for your nails as natural nails are getting more popular in some areas than long and extra extensions. BIAB nails come in a multitude of nude and milky neutral shades that provide a super natural and classy look. But of course, any gel polish and trendy nail art can be applied on top of them to amplify the look of your or your clients’ hands.


But why is it different from any other product used for nail enhancements? BIAB is generally more flexible than regular builder gel and acrylic which results in a more natural feel, yet gives a stronger and much more durable manicure than gel polish on its own.

Mystic Nails Flexi Builder BIAB

Combined with BIAB, gel polish can last up to 4-6 weeks, and unlike regular gel polish it doesn’t need to be soaked off which makes the next appointment easier,quicker and easier on the skin around the nails. You just need to remove the top layer, a little bit of thickness and any lifting with an e-file, do your infill with the BIAB as you would with regular gel or acrylic, and color and design and you are ready to go!

 Mystic Nails Flexi Builder Builder in a Bottle with gel polish

So to summarize, what are the benefits of BIAB?

  • Better for your nails than acrylics or regular builder gel,
  • Lasts longer than gel polish on its own or shellac,
  • Easier refills without the need to completely remove or soak off,
  • Great for weak and brittle nails to strengthen them,
  • Perfect option if you are trying to make your nails a little stronger so you can grow out your natural nails,
  • Amazing way to protect the nails for nail-biters,
  • Since it is settle and looks natural it can be a great option for the gentlemans as well,
  • AND we have an online class on how to work with it. Click if you want to know more!

Our favourite brand is hands down the Mystic Nails Flexi Builder line, and that is coming from the founder of the Atlantic Nail Art Studio- Adrienn, who is an internationally trained and highly experienced nail tech, educator and BIAB specialist.

Here are some videos and photos to convince you, and let us know in the comments below if you have any questions!

Mystic Nails Flexi Builder Milky White Mystic Nails Flexi Builder Glitter Nude

10 week old gel polish BIAB set with Mystic Nails Flexi Builder 11 weeks old gel polish BIAB with Mystic Nails Flexi Builder

Mystic Nails Flexi Builder BIAB manicure Mystic Nails Flexi Builder BIAB french manicure




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