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Atlantic Nail Art Studio

Atlantic Nail Art Studio - Cuticle scissors 110.30

Atlantic Nail Art Studio - Cuticle scissors 110.30

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Medium length, curved blades

Total length of the scissors: 110 mm

Length of the blades: 30 mm

With their special design and extra sharp and thin blades, these cuticle scissors are comfortable to use making it possible to perform a super precise manicure. Even the very ends and the points of the blades are perfectly sharp, and a professional sharpening is extra long lasting.

These are a must-have when prepping the nails and doing a manicure which is the most important starting step when it comes to gel polish application or creating nail extensions.

The metal that the scissors are made of stand up to corrosion, they are less sensitive to humidity and sanitation than most materials. Make sure to only use specially designed sanitation liquids to disinfect your nail supply tools and follow the directions! After sensitization, wash and dry the tools and add special oil to the moving parts if you want your tools to be long lasting.

CAUTION: For professional use only! As these tools are much sharper than commercial products they require special attention and training to use!

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