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Baby Disney Nail Art Class

Baby Disney Nail Art Class

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Learn how to paint Baby Disney characters with gel polishes!

Do you love Disney characters as well? These babies are especially cute! But creating these adorable characters is not the only purpose of this course. In this class you are going to learn all the basics of using gel polishes to paint any detailed design you want.

With this knowledge you will be able to paint anything your clients ask for because you will know all the tricks when it comes to painting realistic designs. No more excuses, no more backing off or declining requests. You could be the most popular nail artist in town with these skills!

The video is available for 3 months after signing up, so you can learn whenever you want, at your own pace! You can watch it as many times as you want, so you can really master all the little steps!

Length of class: 2 hours 35 minutes

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