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Ceramic Flame Cone Nail Drill Bit - Fine

Ceramic Flame Cone Nail Drill Bit - Fine

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There are countless heads to choose from, but this is still one of the most popular. The great advantage of the ceramic material is that it DOES NOT GET HOT! And the cone shape is a general, one of the most commonly used sanding heads, as it can be used for stripping and shaping, and the rounded head can be used safely around the nail bed! It is suitable for polishing the surface of gel or porcelain nails and smoothing small irregularities. It has minimal absorption capacity. 

Using an electric-file is a very practical help for all nail construction, as you can save time and energy with it, whether you build it yourself or in the salon. Several stages of artificial nail construction consist of filing, which is why there is now a separate drill bit for almost every task. You need to use different bits to prepare the nail, shape and polish the material, safely remove the skin of the nail bed, and clean the bottom of the nail.

1. Always choose the nail bit correctly! If you don't do it this way, you can cause injury or prematurely destroy the sanding head!
2. Always use the e-file with your hand outstretched and with loose, small movements from the wrist!
3. Never press the e-file bit hard on the nail, because you can burn out the motor of the sanding machine, heat up the material on the nail, and cause a lack of material due to too strong sanding! The sanding head will not sand better if you press it hard on the nail. Then you have to use another head! If you press too hard and you notice that the rotation speed slows down, you must be using it incorrectly. Relax your posture and change your head if necessary! When the rotation speed slows down, the sander strains, encounters too much resistance and eventually stops.
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