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Mystic Nails - Classic Deluxe Milky White Gel

Mystic Nails - Classic Deluxe Milky White Gel

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Deluxe Milky White is a milky white shade builder gel, which is incredibly beautiful used itself but is's perfect as a Babyboomer also. It's perfect covering ability helps to build easily. One phase gel meaning we can directly sculpt with it on the nail form without using any clear gel underneath. Despite its high pigmentation this gel cures through completely and also sticks superbly on the properly prepared natural nail.

-cures through completely
-medium viscosity
-crystalline structure, doesn't run
-ensures complete control but also self-levelling
-quick and easy saloon nails
-can be pinched (bent) superbly therefore also highly recommended for competition purposes

UV lamp: 2 minutes (min. 36W)
(For pinching the curing time is approx. 10-12 seconds in UV lamp.)
LED: 20 sec (min. 10W)
CCFL: 30 sec (min. 24W)

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