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Mystic Nails - Classic Stone Hard Cover Gel 2.0

Mystic Nails - Classic Stone Hard Cover Gel 2.0

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Renewed Stone Hard Cover Gel: Warmer and even more natural color tone and can be cured in an even thicker layer!

This is our most dense camouflage gel which literally ensures unlimited time to form and achieve the perfect smile line.

  • does not slip away
  • does not flow away
  • lets forming as long as needed

We recommend this gel to you because:

  • you always want to create the perfect smile line which needs time and this gel gives you the key for your goal
  • its color will suit most of your clients’ skin tone
  • in case you sculpt extreme forms this gel will not even move anywhere despite using it in thick layer
  • can be pinched superbly

TIP: Due to its extremely dense viscosity we recommend to use a thin base (slipping) layer underneath which could help to move the material on the nail to reach the desired form.

Curing times:
UV: 2 min.
LED: 20 sec.
CCFL: 40 sec.

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