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Mystic Nails - Fill&Form Acrygel - Fresh Cover (HEMA-free)

Mystic Nails - Fill&Form Acrygel - Fresh Cover (HEMA-free)

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Curing time (LED) 1 min
Covering ability Excellent
Suitable for bending Yes
Curing time (UV) 2 min
Viscosity Medium
Soak-off No

HEMA-mentes és TPO-mentes termék!

A softer consistency product in the Fill&Form family. A special white acrylic gel has been added to the Fill&Form family, the Jolly Joker of white acrylics.


Why is it so special? Because it has a pure ice white shade that is unrivalled in the Fill&Form family, but let's look at the rest of its features:

-Completely keeps it’s color in the curing phase.

-For perfect natural French nails

-Makes baby boomers look fabulous

-It has a dazzling colour on its own

-It is an unbeatable base for glitter ombre

- It speeds up the workflow, as you can make the filling on up to 5 fingers at a time without having to put it in a lamp

Facts and figures:

- one-phase gel system

- need to wipe after curing

- does not dry in air

- non-yellowing

- non soak-off

- A higher density product

Setting time:

UV: 2 min

LED: 1min

min. UV lamp 36W



1. Take out some gel and put on the nail where desired with the help of a clean spatula.

2. Form the gel with kolinsky haired brush (#12) by using Gel Cleanser to keep the brush wet. Cure the gel then file to reach the final shape and overlay with your favourite colour and/or glossy gel.

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