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Mystic Nails - Fill&Form Acrygel - Holo Latte

Mystic Nails - Fill&Form Acrygel - Holo Latte

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Chic. With this word, we can return the elegance and lightness that characterizes Holo Latte acrylic gel.
Acrylic gel with a milky tint mixed with hologram foil flakes. By itself, or mixed with other ingredients, it is suitable for building/creating unique and long-lasting nails, such as: nail bed extension, babyboomer technique or mixing unique color shades by adding any gel polish.

The Fill&Form Gel - Holo Latte:

  • its viscosity is very thick,
  • its coverage is excellent,
  • bendable,
  • cannot be soaked.


1. Take out some gel and put on the nail where desired with the help of a clean spatula.

2. Form the gel with kolinsky haired brush (#12) by using Gel Cleanser to keep the brush wet. Cure the gel then file to reach the final shape and overlay with your favourite colour and/or glossy gel.

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