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Mystic Nails - Flexi Builder Light Rose - 12ml

Mystic Nails - Flexi Builder Light Rose - 12ml

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Excellent adherence, perfect covering ability. Thanks to its flexibility it adapts to any nail plate shape and movement. This ensures long lasting durability. Great covering, natural shade.

Flexi as flexible:
Extremely flexible and pinchable gel polish.

With the Flexi Builder gel polishes, you can replace the broken nail corner and can add it up to 2-3 mm to the natural nail. Its dense texture allows the nail plate to be raised (curve C).

Cover as base and color:
It forms a thick base, making the nail less vulnerable, thus providing a more durable wear


  • pinkish camouflage color
  • non-yellowing
  • soak-off
  • flexible
  • thick
  • cures with sticky surface

UV: 2 min
LED: 30 sec
CCFL: 50 sec

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