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Mystic Nails - Galaxy Shine

Mystic Nails - Galaxy Shine

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Tiny holographic shimmers make the transparent Galaxy shine top gel perfect. It's consistency is stiff therefore you can apply even to 5 nails in time, it won't run. Can be used to any material (Acrilyc, Acrylgel, Gel, Gel polish), because its felxible and soak off at the same time. Non-wipe.

ATTENTION! Shake well before usage!

  • Non - wipe
  • Soak-off
  • Flexible
  • Transparent
  • Universal usage
  • Stiff
  • With holoraphic shimmers
  • Shake it well before usage

UV: 2 min
LED: 1 min
CCFL: 40 sec

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