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Mystic Nails - Gel Polish 298

Mystic Nails - Gel Polish 298

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Discover the Mystic Nails gel polishes to achieve even more stunning results as a nail artistWith their ease of use, exceptional coverage and long-lasting wearyou can provide your clients outstanding service. Our gel polishes cure in just 2 minutes under a UV lamp thanks to their innovative formula, and only 1 minute under LED light for a perfect set. Choose from our stunning range of colours to create unique, stylish and comfortable nail sets for your guests.

The result not only speaks for itself, it shines!

Quantity: 12ml


Properties of gel polish base colours:

  • Universal colored gel polish, which can be used on builder gels, AcrylGels and even acrylic!
  • Highly pigmented, can cover even in one layer!
  • Specially developed oval brush head for more precise application of colour directly under the cuticle and smoothing it along the fold, so you don't necessarily need a #0 glamour pointed brush to evenly apply the colour.
  • With the right recommended layer application, it will give the wearer a long-lasting, sophisticated look for up to 3-4 weeks!
  • Its elasticity makes it resistant to mechanical damage, so it will not crack or break.
  • Perfect adhesion for long-lasting wear!
  • We take special care to keep our materials smooth and even during bonding, so they don't wrinkle or crack!

Due to differences in monitor or phone display settings, there may be a slight difference between the hue of the image and the actual colour.


Important: As a rule of thumb, apply all colours in very thin layers to ensure a better and more even set. So your end result will be more durable and resistant!

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