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Mystic Nails - Gel Polish - Dizzy Flip-Flop "B" 012

Mystic Nails - Gel Polish - Dizzy Flip-Flop "B" 012

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If you love everything that glitters, the new Dizzy shades are for you! Do you like pinkish, bluish or greenish shades? The good news is that now you can find them all in the Flip-Flop collection!

How to use: Apply Dizzy Flip-Flop Gel Polish on any colors (gel polish, color gel, non-wipe color gels, painting gels) for a stunning appearance; it will look perfect on both shiny and matte nails.

Curing time UV: 1 min, LED: 30 sec, CCFL: 20 sec
Tips: It is important to always cover it with flexible top gel such as Joker Shine, Magic Shine, Base/Gloss and Luxury Finish.
Pairing it with deeper-toned colors creates a more vibrant effect, especially when the holidays are coming and sparkling nails are in the spotlight.

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