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Mystic Nails - Sensitive Base Gel - Hypoallergenic (HEMA-Free)

Mystic Nails - Sensitive Base Gel - Hypoallergenic (HEMA-Free)

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Sensitive Base Gel - Hypoallergenic & HEMA-free is a proven hypoallergenic brush-on base gel, certified by an accredited international laboratory test! *

HEMA-free product!

Problematic nails? Get over here! There is no challenge for our Sensitive Base Gel! This brand new base gel functions like a GLUE between the natural nail and any of our sculpting gels (Classic Line, Evolution Line, Luxury Line).


Gently file the natural nail with buffer and use Nail Prep and then Primer (and/or Acid Free Primer) to prepare the natural nail chemically. Apply a very thin layer of Sensitive Base Gel and “massage” the gel deep into the fibers of the natural nail with the brush. Always clean the brush on the mouth of the bottle properly and work with as little amount of gel as possible. Do not remove the tacky residue after curing.

Extra tip:

The Sensitive Base Gel is not soak off but if the client does not insist on soak off removal of gel-polish we recommend to use this “glue gel” before gel-polish application. Use in case of specifically problematic nails as a base before the Base/Gloss. After applying and curing Sensitive Base Gel the gel-polish application process and the usage of Base/Gloss and the colors are the same as normally. Of course here the usage of Nail Prep and Primer (and/or Acid Free Primer) before applying the Sensitive Base Gel is also essential to prepare the natural nails chemically.

UV lamp: 3 minutes
LED lamp: 20 seconds

Quantity: 7 ml


*The hypoallergenic test involves testing the product for 48-72 hours on a minimum of 40 people who have previously shown allergic symptoms. The test volunteers are all people suffering from atopic dermatitis, other contact dermatitis (contact dermatitis, contact eczema) or hypersensitivity to other cosmetics, household and cleaning products, skin irritation only!

During the test, 0 (zero!) cases of irritation, sensitisation or allergic reactions were recorded, and as a result the product has been awarded the official hypoallergenic classification, which means that it can be used legally and correctly.

Want to delve deeper into the world of HEMA-free and hypoallergenic products?

Then the video below is for you, where Laci Gyimesi, CEO of Mystic Nails, personally tells you what you absolutely need to know:

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