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Atlantic Nail Art Studio

Ombre Nail Art Class

Ombre Nail Art Class

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Learn 5 techniques to create gorgeous ombre effects!

Creating a flawless ombre with any colours is a skill that every nail tech NEEDS TO master. An ombre is such a popular request amongst clients that as a nail artist you must be able to create it with confidence. 

In this video we are teaching you 5 ways to create a gorgeous gradient with various techniques. 

You will need gel polishes, at least one nail art gel, one shimmer powder and some pigment powders of your choice.

Based on your feedback and reviews this is one of our MOST USEFUL and POPULAR classes ever. We are super happy that we can help fellow nail techs to improve!

The video is available for 3 months after signing up, so you can learn whenever you want, at your own pace! You can watch it as many times as you want, so you can really master all the little steps!

Length of class: 45 minutes

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