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Vine & Swirl Nail Art Class

Vine & Swirl Nail Art Class

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Perfect for those who are looking for an elegant look.

If you want to learn a nail art technique that’s a little more challenging and requires precision then this vines nail design class is perfect for you! Anyone can learn this, we promise- you just need to practise!

Since this nail art usually requires a more steady hand and a lot of practice, probably not a lot of nail techs provide this option. Stand out and offer this unique design! You clients are going to love it, since it gives such an elegant look that’s hard to match. There are endless options when it comes to vines, you can always surprise your clients with something new and outstanding!

In this class we are learning this technique step by step. We learn how to use the different products and brushes, and we are showing you different variations of finished nail art.

You will need some gel polishes, at least one nail art gel and a skinny nail art brush.

The video is available for 3 months after signing up, so you can learn whenever you want, at your own pace! You can watch it as many times as you want, so you can really master all the little steps!

Length of class: 28 minutes

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