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Mystic Nails - Flexi Builder Base - 12ml

Mystic Nails - Flexi Builder Base - 12ml

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Nail extension from gel polish? How?

With Flexi Builder Base gel polish!


Extremely flexible and pinchable gel polish.


Correction and/or extension needed for the natural nail? With Flexi Builder Base gel polish you can complete the broken nail corner or extend the natural nail even 3-5 mm long on a nail form.


Provides thicker base ensuring more durable wear. Thick viscosity enables to create nice C curve (arch) and also levels the surface of the natural nail which grants much nicer base for any coloured gel polish applied on the top.


  • clear
  • soak off
  • flexible
  • thick viscosity
  • cures with sticky surface
  • anti-yellowing

UV: 2 min.
LED: 30 sec.
CCFL: 50 sec.

12 ml

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