Collection: Mystic Nails Flexi Builder in a Bottle

BIAB nails, also known as Builder in a Bottle or builder gel in a bottle, are renowned for their robustness, resilience, and adaptability, making them a favored option among nail technicians and DIY enthusiasts aiming to craft sculpted nails that exude a natural appearance and endure for weeks without any signs of wear or tear. These nails boast a diverse array of nude and milky neutral tones, offering a supremely natural and elegant aesthetic. However, they serve as a perfect canvas for embellishment with any gel polish or fashionable nail art, elevating the beauty of your or your clients' hands to new heights. The application process involves the meticulous layering of the product, each one cured under UV or LED light before proceeding to the next, enabling precise shaping and filing to achieve the desired nail shape and length.